Week One/ Moving Forward: Advancing with Purpose & Intent 

Abigail was married to a husband named Nabal, who was unkind and rude his behavior created and environment very challenging and uncertain for Abilgail in this lesson you will find out how she embraced her new responsibilities with resilience and wisdom.

Abigail's strength of character and unwavering dedication to her family and community served as an inspiration to those around her. 

Abigail's story resonates as a testament to the power of resilience, love, and perseverance in the face of adversity. 

Advancing on purpose and with Intent is what Abigail did find out how she did it

Week Two/ Moving ForwardStaying Focus 


Peter, the focus master, knew that distractions could be sneaky little troublemakers. With a clear goal in mind, he stayed laser-focused on his path, even when life threw curveballs his way. Just like in that epic history where Peter rocked at keeping his eyes on Jesus but oops, the moment he looked away, he started sinking! Dive into this powerful lesson to uncover the juiciest details!



Week Three /Moving Forward: Adjust when necessary & making Decision


Esther showed an impressive level of adaptability, similar to a rubber band, as she took on the role of Queen. With a strong sense of purpose, she navigated confidently, staying true to her principles and setting ambitious, transformative objectives for herself and those around her. Explore her story to learn how she overcame these significant obstacles!


Bible lesson: The story of Esther


God's Witness Protection Program Series 

Week One: What's is in a Name? identity in Christ 

Week Two: "The Many Hats We Juggle (Embracing Them All)".


How can we embrace the unique ways in which God has created us? Our accomplishments in being what God made us to be.



Week Three: Identify the thefts in your life / Let’s suit up)




Week Five: Witnessing for Christ

: Spreading the Good Word in Style! (Developing Disciples)