Spiritual Group Session (Winner's Circle Moments)

We are excited to offer you the Winner's Circle Moments. Every Tuesday @ 6 pm MST Lead by Pastor/Coach - Andree 

Online Only (FREE)

The Winners Circle Moments present a one-hour session where women with shared ambitions come together to celebrate their achievements and participate in meaningful discussions. This empowering support group offers valuable insights on specific topics, fostering self-awareness and a deeper spiritual understanding. By attending this gathering, participants will gain a fresh perspective and a significant dose of positivity, aiding in personal growth and clarifying life's direction.


Grab & Grow 4 the Soul (Biblical Mini Lessons)

Pastor/Coach Andree has an incredible way of sharing the word with the use of coaching techniques and downloadable study to help you grow closer with and gain a better awareness on how God made you Andree, love and faith for Jesus and God has inspired women from all over to see and renew their thinking about purpose, connection and call-in life. 

The benefits 

  • Application
  • Better Decision Making 
  • Boldness
  • Clarity 

Teen & Young adult Mentorship /Coaching  age 12-25.

Yes! Pastor/Coach Andree has over 15 years in mentoring teens and young adult. 

She has develop a 4 week session program that is customizeable to the client. 


  • Confidence 
  • Life skills 
  • Communication skills
  • great life perspective 

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Private Coaching Session 


Hello Andree here, I first want to thank you for considering me &  WhapOTM INC. for your coaching needs.There are several areas of focus you could be considering being coach on. Below is a list to help you 

  • Spiritual Guidance coaching 
  • Business and Work coaching
  • Relationship coaching 
  • Personal development /Branding coaching
  • Leadership coaching   

You can sechdule a Private coaching session clicking the link below